OMYSTYLE Standard Size Pillows, Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack

Ultrasonic technology and perforated design make the fabric softer and more breathable.

The three-layer structure makes the shell more comfortable to the touch

The thick fibers provide support, while the thin fibers make the pillow softer. Our pillows are mixed with 3D, 7D and 1.25D fiber fillers to achieve a balance of support and softness.

The tested proportions make the pillow extra soft to ensure you sleep restfully the whole night without hurting neck, yet provide comfortable support so that your head never sinks into the mattress.

Quickly return to its original full size of 18 x 26 inch after releasing from the vacuum-sealed package. Due to this product arrives very tightly packed, please pat gently and air them for a few hours to make it fluffy

We are engaged in providing you with premium products with a 30-Day Risk-Free Purchase and 2-Year of Friendly Customer Service.


UPC: 779186119034

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